Our Gatherings

Redemption Church worships together in two aspects. On Sundays we gather in a space for corporate worship as a big group. Through the week we scatter for mission in smaller groups. We find our identity, unity, and mission in the cross of Christ. This is central whether we’re gathered or scattered.

On Sunday mornings we are reminded of our place in the story of God through the preaching of the death and resurrection of Jesus and participating in Communion. This is a great way to catch the vision and see the big picture of who we are as Redemption Church.

However, the advancement of the gospel in the Tri State happens as we scatter in homes, neighborhoods, schools, and vocation through the week. The mission of the church is applied and proclaimed in our gospel communities.


Corporate worship gatherings take place on Sunday at 9:30am & 11:00am | For more info on gospel community groups, click here.