The City

At Redemption Church, our mission is to pursue Christ with passion and present Christ with purpose every day and The City helps move us towards that goal, every day.

The City is community based online software that we use in all sorts of ways. It helps keep us all connected. In fact, almost all of our communication takes place on The City. Groups interact here, we post news and events here, we find new neighbors here, we pray for each other here, we do the membership process here… it’s almost endless!

Still, The City doesn’t replace real community. We use it to empower and enhance real community. In fact, there isn’t one group on The City that isn’t made of real life, face-to-face friendships, people who also meet together physically.

So if you are a part of Redemption Church, you should be a part of The City. Because everything that happens at Redemption Church, happens on The City as well.