Gospel Community Groups

Redemption Church isn’t a charitable organization that does good things, although we are stirred up to good works. Redemption Church isn’t a social club, although we want to provide a sense of belonging. We are a church, a community of followers of Jesus.

Our goal isn’t to get people to show up to events or do a bunch of things. Our goal is to see the gospel change lives. The context in which gospel change happens is in gospel community groups.

On Sunday mornings we gather as a church, but for the rest of the week we scatter. One of the intentional ways that we scatter is in gospel community groups (GC) Our vision for GC is to build relationships that encourage application of the gospel to one another’s lives and proclamation of the gospel in word and deed to our city. Groups meet weekly to encourage one another from the Scriptures to love Jesus and to love their neighbors. Gospel communities are more than Bible studies or prayer groups—they are welcoming, authentic, deep extended families where the truths of Scripture are applied and then pushed out into our world in practical ways.

Pea Ridge Group | Tuesday | 6pm | East Pea Ridge

Leader: Paul & Sarah Boekell


East Pea Ridge Group | Wednesdays | 630pm | Barboursville / East Pea Ridge

Leader: Dean & Katie Craft


Arlington Park Group | Wednesdays | 630pm | Central/East Huntington

Leader: Paul & Brittany Belcher:


South East Hills Group | Wednesdays | 6pm | Huntington

Leader: Josh & Sarah Perry


Grandview Group | Fridays | 630pm | Milton

Leader: Marty & Kim Davis


Sherwood Estates Group | Fridays | 630pm | Ona/Barboursville Areas

Leader: Corey & Amanda Weaver