The Box Call Turkey and Canned Goods Drive



Saturday November 17th

Collecting Frozen Turkeys and Canned Goods

from 9AM to 11AM


Huntington: 1021 4th Ave.

(we will be collecting in front of our building: the old Cinema Theatre)

Barboursville: Tower FoodFair.

(we will be collecting at the Barboursville FoodFair on Route 60)


We at Redemption Church are excited to announce The Box Call. This is our forth year hosting this turkey drive and we’re excited to partner with the Facing Hunger Foodbank to help feed some local folks in need over the holiday season. This is a great way for us live on mission in our city and the areas surrounding.  We’re inviting everyone in the Tri-State area to join us in our efforts. 

At Redemption Church, we believe that Jesus is enough (more than enough) in the midst of every circumstance and situation. And from a place of complete satisfaction and overwhelming joy in Jesus, we are excited to be generous with others. Will you join us in this effort to generously impact as many folks as we possibly can this holiday season?


How You Can Help:

  • Bring Turkey and Canned Goods: Go buy a turkey and/or canned goods and some canned goods and come by our Huntington or Barboursville drop-off spot on November 17th between 9am and 11am.
  • Spread The Word: Help inform everyone you know about The Box Call. Use word of mouth, social media, and any other outlets you can think of. We have flyers you can print and images you can post to social media and all kinds of good stuff to help you spread the word. You can find all that stuff by clicking here.
  • Hashtag “WildTurkeys”: If you know what a hashtag is than you are likely connected to social media. Take a selfie while you shop for your turkey and/or canned goods or share a post about the Box Call and when you do be sure to us the hashtag #WildTurkeys … Get creative and let’s have some fun with this.

Click For Flyers and Photos to Share

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