All Redemption Church members unify around the core biblical truths of the Bible. Our Statement of Faith is a simple explanation of those core beliefs. The Bible says more than this and Redemption Church has more beliefs than this. But these truths are the most important one for Christians to agree on.

We recognize that everyone is coming from different experiences and belief systems and traditions. We meet people from a wide range of beliefs and views. There is no rush to faith or pressure to believe on all of these points. The Holy Spirit is at work in our lives in different ways and at different speeds. Anyone desiring to becoming a member, however, must fully subscribe to the entire Statement of Faith.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible, both Old and New Testament, is the Word of God, fully inspired, without mistake as originally written, and our final authority for faith and practice in the Christian life. (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 2:20-21; Ps. 119:160)

We believe in one God who eternally exists in three distinct Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who are eternally coequal in power and worth. (Matt. 28:19-20; 1 Pet. 1:2; 2 Cor. 13:14)

We believe that mankind was created in God’s image and had perfect relationship with God but as a result of disobedience suffered spiritual separation from God and physical death. We believe that all people are sinners by birth, nature, and choice and therefore separated from their Creator. (Gen. 1:27; Ps. 8; Isa. 59:1-2; Rom. 3:9-23)

Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus Christ is God, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died a substitutionary death on a cross, was raised from the dead three days later, and ascended to the right hand of the Father in Heaven. (Jn. 1:1-5; Matt. 1:22-23; Heb. 4:14-15; Rom. 1:3-4; 1 Cor. 15:3-4)

We believe that by God’s grace, a person can be in right relationship with God by trusting in the Person and work of Jesus Christ by faith alone, apart from any kind of work.  (Rom. 5:1; 6:23; Eph. 2:8-9; Titus 3:5)

Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is God and equal with both the Father and the Son. He regenerates all Christians, is indwelling all believers, enabling them to live the Christian life, and empowering them for service.
(2 Cor. 3:17; John 16:7-13; 1 Cor. 2:12; 3:16; Eph. 1:13)

Christ’s Return
We believe in the imminent personal return of Jesus Christ to earth.
(Titus 2:13; Matt. 25:31-34; 1 Thess. 5:1-11)

We believe in the bodily resurrection of all mankind. Those who are in relationship with God through Jesus Christ will be resurrected to eternal life, but those without a relationship with Jesus Christ will be resurrected to eternal judgment.  (1 Cor. 15:22-26, 40-44, 50-58; John 3:36; Rev. 20:11-15)